Everything you need to know about SPICe+

To ease business, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has deployed a web form called SPICe + company incorporation by replacing the existing form SPICE INC 32. The new web form SPICe+ has 10 services by the central government namely MCA, Ministry of labour, revenue in the ministry of finance and one comes under state government (Maharashtra). 

What is SPICE 32?

Simplified Proforma for Incorporation of a Company Electronically.

SPICE is an application form used for registering a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Services provided by SPICE INC 32:

  • Registering the Company
  • PAN services
  • TAN services

The complexity of SPICE INC 32

  • Only one name can be proposed during the incorporation
  • If the subscribers are more than 7, then the normal procedure of incorporating has to be followed
  • Bit costlier (all subscribers and witnesses are needed) 

What is SPICE+?

An integrated web form replaced with SPICE form. The main intention of the ministry to deploy the SPICE+ is, making the process of incorporation easier and less time-consuming. Additionally, the company can now apply for the EPF or ESIC, GST numbers with the help of SPICE+ form as it is a single-window form.

Services provided by SPICE+:

  • Reservation of name
  • New company Incorporation
  • DIN allotment
  • Registration of professional tax for Maharashtra state
  • Opening of bank account
  • Applying TAN and PAN number
  • Registration of ESIC and EPF
  • Applying GSTN

Process of incorporation with SPICE+:

Previously there were two forms namely, run form and SPICE form, first, you need to reserve a name in the run form and then in the SPICE form. (from 23rd of Feb, the RUN form is not available) But now in this SPICE+ being an integrated form is divided into 2 parts.

Part A is for application for name reservation. 

When you apply for name reservation, the application will be generated for reservation which is yet to be uploaded by you through part A of SPICE+.

Required information in part A of SPICE+:
  1. What type of business?
  2. What is the class of business?
  3. Under which categories your business comes?
  4. What is the subcategory?
  5. What is the division of industrial activity?
  6. What is the description of the main division?

Once you feed in all the required information, either you can click on submit for name reservation or proceed with incorporation and cancel (in case of any mistakes from your end).

Part B is to proceed with incorporation.
Required Information in part B of SPICE+:
  1. Correspondence Address of the proposed company
  2. Details of subscribers and directors
  3. Details of the capital structure of the proposed company
  4. Details about the issuance of PAN and TAN
  5. Submit a mandatory form based on the type of business to incorporate.

After entering all the required information you need to click on the submit button. Once the page is submitted successfully you get the confirmation message and then the system automatically generates the PDF file. You can download the PDF form which is available on the dashboard.

Upload SPICE+:
  1. After affixing DSC in part B of SPICE+ and other related forms, you need to click on the upload option.
  2. Upload all the forms and SPICE+ form
  3. And a unique service request number will generate when all the forms are uploaded successfully.  

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