Company Registration

Why Company Registration

The First Step In Starting And Running A Business As An Entrepreneur Is To Determine The Company’s Structure And Begin The Company Registration Process.
The first step in launching a new business is to register a company. The procedure by which a company is registered in the jurisdiction in which it operates is known as company registration. The nature of your firm, such as whether it will be owned by a single person or a group of individuals, will be the primary determinant.
If you run a business that lacks an identity, there is a good chance that you, as the owner, will lose the unique name of your business to someone who has already registered their company. You will not be able to sue the person for this act legally. Company registration will help you avoid such situations and will also serve as proof of your company’s legitimacy. As a result, Company Registration is extremely important in the business world.

Advantages of company registration

COMPANY RECOGNITION : Your company will be recognized in the market with the uniqueness of your brand as well as you will get the better image and credibility in the market.

EASY TO RAISE FUNDS: If you register your company it’ll be easy to raise funds and loans to run your business.

ASSETS SECURITY : registration helps to secure your assets.

BRAND RECOGNITION : Registering your business helps in increasing brand recognition.

BUILD REPUTATION : Helps in building a good reputation with your customers.

EASY TO ATTRACT EMPLOYEES : the employees will be happy to work in the reputed organization.
EASY TO SELL : if your company is reputed many other peoples will be ready to buy your company.

The different types of companies registering in india

  • Private Limited Company
  • Public limited company
  • Proprietorship registration
  • Limited Liability partnership
  • One Person Company
  • Section 8 Company
  • Micro Finance Company
  • Producer Company
  • NBFC
  • Foreign Company
  • Nidhi Company

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