Trademark Registration

Details regarding trademark classes on goods and services

Trademark registration of India follows a procedure where the entrepreneurs have to define the class of goods and services of their business. There are a variety of trademark classes of goods and services that are available in India.

The trademark class list for goods include:

Class 1 – Types of chemicals used in industries. This may include chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, unprocessed plastic, chemicals used in science, photography and other inedible substances.

Class 2 – Any kind of paints and varnishes. Even mordent and colourants come under this category.

Class 3 – Substances used in laundry and cleaning purposes. This also includes polishing substances as well. Cosmetics and all kinds of perfumes fall under this class.

Class 4 – Lubricants and fuels that include greases and oils, all fuels and candles and wicks.

Class 5 – Pharmaceuticals. Veterinary and pharmaceuticals, medical and sanitary preparations.

Class 6 – Metal goods. This includes metals and alloys and other metals that are used for metal building.

Class 7 – Machinery. Machines, engines, motors and agricultural machines.

Class 8 – Hand tools, cutlery

Class 9 – Electrical and scientific apparatus. All equipment used in science, navigation, photography and cinematography.

Class 10 – Medical apparatus.  This includes surgical, dental and veterinary instruments.

Class 11 – Environment control apparatus. Refrigerating, ventilating and other sanitation and water supplies.

Class 12– Vehicles and other locomotives

Class 13 – Firearms. This includes explosives and fire ammunitions as well.

Class 14 – Jewels. Any precious metals and alloys of precious metals.

Class 15– Musical instruments

Class 16– Paper goods and printed matter. This includes any printed matter, photographs and all stationary items.

Class 17 – Rubber goods. This also includes gum, asbestos, insulating and other stopping materials.

Class 18 – Leather goods. Leather goods that include hides, animal skin, whips, travel bags.

Class 19 – Non-metallic building materials. Materials used for building purposes.

Class 20 – Furniture and articles. Wood, furniture, mirrors, picture frames, amber, shells.

Class 21 – Housewares and glass. Kitchen utensils and containers

Class 22 – Cordage and Fibres. Stuffing and padding materials, tents ropes.

Class 23 – Yarns and threads (used for textiles)

Class 24 – Fabrics

Class 25 – Clothing, footwear

Class 26– Fancy items. Ribbons, lace, embroidery, needles.

Class 27 – Floor coverings. Mats, carpets and rugs.

Class 28 – Toys and sporting goods. Gymnastic articles, other kinds of toys and also decorations used in Christmas trees.

Class 29 – Meat and other processed food. Jams, eggs, milk, edible oil

Class 30- Staple food. Tea, coffee, sugar, tapioca, rice.

Class 31-Natural agricultural products

Class 32 – Light beverages. Mineral and aerated water, non-alcoholic drinks and beer.

Class 33– Wine and spirits. Alcoholic drinks excluding beer

Class 34– Smoking articles, tobacco


The trademark class list for services include:

Class 35 – Advertising and Business

Class 36 –Insurance and Financial. Monetary affairs

Class 37 -Building, Construction and Repair, installation services as well

Class 38 -Telecommunication

Class 39 -Transportation and Storage

Class 40 -Treatment of Materials

Class 41 -Education and Entertainment and other cultural activities

Class 42 -Computer, Scientific and Legal

Class 43 -Hotels and Restaurants

Class 44 -Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural, horticulture, forestry

Class 45– Legal and other security services, personal and social services

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