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Tax Compliances

When individuals or businesses conduct their tax obligations adhering to the Income Tax compliances within the prescribed time frames by submitting the exact information on income and deductions is referred to as Tax Compliance. Tax compliances is applicable to income tax, corporate tax, VAT, service tax, customs, sales tax, use tax, GST, Professional Tax and other taxes.

Aavana professional tax consultants have an in depth knowledge in the changing scenarios of taxes and offer the best of guidance and help in your tax management and IT Return E-filing too.

Benefits of Tax Compliances

  • Ensures financial transparency
  • Avoids legal discrepancies
  • Increases per capita revenue of the country
  • Avoid unnecessary penalties

Direct Taxation- Consultancy & Advisory

This Division comprises of personnel who possess several years of experience and expertise in tax consultancy and management.

The basis of expertise is advisory and successful implementation at cross section of industries which have stood the test of successful acceptance at various assessment and judicial levels

The Division is composed of senior experienced Partners, Directors, Senior Managers, Associates and other qualified and experienced personnel.

Sample of advisory services are:

  • Corporate Taxation Advisory Services:Advising large Companies / Corporations on their Income Tax matters, including Foreign taxation matters on Indian corporations.
  • Tax Management Services:successful tax compliance.
  • Tax Appeals:Drafting and representing tax appeals before various appellate authorities like Commissioners/ Appellate Tribunal.
  • Tax Planning:Advising clients on structuring tax-efficient business planning, including restructuring of business e.g. Amalgamations/ merger etc.
  • Services relating to Foreign Collaboration Agreements, NRIs taxation, Double Tax Avoidance Agreements Reliefs, Transfer Pricing etc.
  • Liaising with Senior Tax Counsels for obtaining legal opinions, conducting tax litigations i.e. appeal court references and writ petitions etc.

AAVANA Outsourced Accounting Services v/s In-housing Accounting

Why Aavana?

Our experts strive towards the future of your organization through:

Global Ethos:Our aim is to offer global services for businesses with effective global client service through our in house expertise.

  • We strategize your taxes on the basis of technical, practical, commercial and industrial knowledge
  • Documentation, review and execution of tax returns
  • Identifying the risk areas, prioritizing, monitoring and resolving the risks
  • Help in effectively build a relationship with tax authorities
  • Assessing, improving and monitoring your tax processes.

Indirect Tax Advisory:

  • Advising Companies, Firms and Individuals on Planning
  • Indirect Tax Management| Attending to registration, renewals, periodic returns and compliances
  • Appeals Liaison with senior tax counsel for cases at Tribunal and High Court and for legal opinions
  • Assistance and monitoring of Excise Audit by External Cost Accountants
  • Preparation of Cost Accounting Records in term of Cost Accounting (Records) Rules.
  • Internal Audit of Excise Records and assuring management of correctness of payments to Excise Authorities.

Futuristic Approach: Our aim is to enhance relationships that will alter as you evolve and refine your compliance processes and relationship for the longer term.

Value adding: At Aavana, our goal is to instate confidence in our clients by giving quality services and also add value through better planning opportunities.

In associating with Aavana, you can upgrade your compliance procedures, technologies and risk management and fulfill your compliance obligations which further helps in concentrating on your present and future business growth prospects.

Tax Advisory Services

Our tax consultants enriched with the knowledge and capabilities in the field of finance provide valuable advise on your financial requirements and tax compliances.

Transfer Pricing

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