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Reconstruction of accounting records

Reconstruction of months or years of accounting records may be required by business owners due to many reasons like.

Having proper accounting records is crucial to business owners not only in gaining insight of the true performance of their business but it is also required government to retain accounting records for 10 years and should be ready in times of audit. AAVANA helps businesses not only in recording but also in manually organizing accounting records, computerization and preparation of reports.

After the reconstruction work, financial reports will be prepared in order for the management to make decisions or to use it whenever they see fit.

Together with our monthly outsourced accounting services, business owners will have continues real time access to their accounting records and financial reports with detailed comparison of past and present performance.

  • Erroneous or incomplete recording
  • Loss of computerized record due to calamities and poor back-up procedures
  • Possibility of detecting fraud
  • Having no proper records to all
  • Computerization of records
  • To produce needed reports
  • And many other reasons
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