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Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • Copy of PAN Card/ Passport/ Driving License / Voter ID Card
  • A scanned copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • Signed Trademark Application
  • Brand/ Logo name
  • Copy of MSME Registration Certificate in case an applicant is a company
  • User Affidavit

Trademark Registration – Deliverables

Issue of Trademark Registration Certificate

Steps for Trademark Registration in India

  • Brand Name Finalization
  • Logo Design
  • Hiring a Trademark Consultant
  • Online Trademark Application Filing
  • Application Review by the Registrar
  • Examination of Trademark Registration Application
  • Publication of Your Brand in Trademark Journal
  • Approval for Trademark Registration

Take a Gentle Leap with Trademark Registration with Aavana

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection

Trademark gives you legal protection. After getting your Trademark registered, you have complete protection of the brand. The proprietor has every right to take action or sue for the damages caused by any third party.

Brand Value

It enhances the brand value of your business. Trade is an intangible asset for a company. It is a part of the intellectual property of the company. A registered trademark can be sold, transferred or licensed to generate revenue.

Build Trust and Goodwill

Customers prefer to buy products that have a registered trademark. The customers feel more secure about the reliability of the brand.

Acts as Brand Identity

A trademark registered acts as a brand identity. Since your brand has its own identity no one can register a company in the same name or with similar business class.

Intangible Assets

Trademark registration has its own valuation at the time of merger or demerger of the company. Hence it is considered as an intangible asset.


Yes, the authorities mandate it for applicants to verify all the documents they submit including the application for trademark registration using a Class III Digital signature.
Yes, you can visit the trademark website and make sure that your proposed business name is not similar to a registered trademark in the same business activity.
You need to re-design your logo or word so that it can differentiate your business name with the existing trademark.
Trademark registration has to be filled in the name of the company.
Trademark registration provides protection of brand name or a logo whereas a Copyright gives the protection of the author’s original work.
Trademark is given to protect your brand name and logo. A Patent is given to safeguard the new idea or creation and Copyright is given to protect your work like writings, designs, films and more.
The Copyright Registration is valid for 60 years.
Yes, Copyright can be sold or transferred upon the discretion of the owner.
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