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Company Annual Filing Package


Every company registered in India, as per the Companies act 2013 be it a private limited company, proprietorship or one person company has to compulsorily do their annual return filing with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The eForms that have to be filed with the Registrar of Companies or ROC, are filing of balance sheets, Profit and Loss account, annual returns by companies having a share capital and not having share capital, by companies and more.

As per the rules of the Companies Act 2013, all the companies registered must conduct an annual general meeting every year and file their annual accounts and returns with ROC within 30 to 60 days f the AGM.

There are many rules and regulations imposed by the MCA in filing returns which definitely requires the intervention of professional accounting consultants especially when it comes to small and medium sized businesses who at times fail to channelize their annual return filing. These non- compliance of the filing will incur inevitable penalties for the companies. This is where, team Aavana professional financial consultants can rescue the companies by helping them not only in filing their annual returns, but also adhering to the time and taking care of all their financial goals. We are specialized in offering technology based financial services which are reliable, faster and easier to access.Read More


Once you sign up with us, we will take care of the entire range of compliances. This will include the following:

Mandatory Compliance
  • Getting the common seal and registers for the Company
  • Preparing and printing share certificates
  • Updating the statutory registers

Quarterly Compliance
  • Drafting the notice, minutes and attendance sheets of the board meetings
  • Updating the statutory registers, if required

Annual Compliance
  • Drafting and filing directors’ disclosures of interest in other concerns
  • Drafting and filing the approval of Financials and Directors
  • Drafting and filing the minutes for appointing auditor
  • Preparing and filing your Annual Return
  • Drafting and filing the notice and financials of your Company
  • Drafting the notice, minutes and attendance sheets for the Annual General Meeting


Stay Disciplined

Many businesses let their compliance requirements pile up, even though taking care of it involves much less effort than is often imagined. Staying disciplined from the initial days will be hugely helpful when looking for investment or a bank loan, as both would want to ensure that your business is in compliance with the MCA’s requirements.

Compliance Advice

Having a company secretary on call throughout the year is essential in ensuring that your business is run in accordance with the laws in force. Our team would keep you up-to-date with all the changes made by the MCA throughout the year.

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