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Why do you need a Shops and Establishment License?

Irrespective of the business establishment, it is mandatory for all shops, commercial establishments, retail businesses, amusement parks and other profit-making organizations to obtain a Shops and Establishment licence. Whether the business is fully functional or not, the business owners need to register the business within 30 days.

Advantages of Shops and Establishment license

Provides the basic right of doing business

If you own business, you can simply obtain the right of doing your business in your location by displaying your legal licence.

Opening a current business account 

As an owner of a shop or establishment, it is mandatory to open a current business account where the day to day transactions are reflected. The bank will require the owner to submit a valid entity proof. The Shop and Establishment license serves as a valid entity proof.

Provides smooth inspections

The local municipality and state government authorities conduct regular inspections. One can get over such inspections quickly and smoothly if the Sops and Establishment license is obtained.

Government Benefits

All the policies for small business in the State are made by The State DIC Department. This department is constantly implementing new schemes for small businesses from time to time. Businesses can avail such schemes only if they obtain a Shops and Establishment license. 

This makes it mandatory for every business owner who has a shop, commercial establishment or any other establishment that falls under this Act to obtain a Shops and Establishment license. 

You can also get your Shops and establishment licence online by filling the online shop act registration form.


The Shop Establishment Act by the State Labour Department seeks to regulate the rights and proper working conditions of the employees who work in unorganised business sectors. The Shop and Establishment Act ensures to give equal rights and benefits for all employees working in any unorganised business sectors.

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