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What to Include in a Consulting Agreement

This blog talks about a few details that need to be mentioned in a consultancy agreement. Here is the list of the details.

  • Term

The starting and commencing of the agreement should be mentioned. Situations under which the agreement can be terminated and also the notice period will be mentioned

  • Compensation

The compensation that the client is entitled to will be mentioned in the agreement. The day in which the compensation will be paid is also mentioned.

  • Confidentiality

The consultant promises not to disclose any of the clients information to any third party

The consultant cannot make copies of any confidential information or any content that is based on the confidentiality of the client.

Usage of confidential information for the sole purpose of the benefit of the client.

  • Non competition

The consultant will not engage directly or indirectly in any competition with the client or any of its subsidiary.

  • Non solicitation

During the term or months thereafter, the consultant will not solicit or attempt to solicit any of the client companies prospects, contracts or employees.

The consultant will not solicit the clients employees to work at another company as well.

  • No modifications can be done

This agreement cannot be modified whatsoever, unless it is given in writing and signed by both the parties.

  • Applicable law

The consultancy agreement is governed by the law of the state and subject to the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the country and state.

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