The Directors’ Note

Mrs. Bharati Jayaprakash

As a proud director of Aavana, I am overwhelmed by the successes that Aavana as a family has dealt with. To me, Aavana is like a newborn baby that has crossed the milestone of development. Life wouldn’t be meaningful without the involvement of risks and challenges. Dealing with risks and challenges that life throws at us completely depends on our perception about these risks. 

Every business venture starts with a certain aim. My aim as a director is to reach globally and make our 30 member team to a 30,000 member team. I believe that we are capable of achieving this goal through patience. Patience has always been the key to each of our success stories and this has helped us make better business decisions as well.

Along with patience, the company culture is also an important aspect of running a business. I would compare the culture of a company to that of the traditional values that we possess from our respective religions. For instance, when we visit any religious place, we have an attitude of reverence. On a personal note, I think that the same attitude should be portrayed towards the company we work with.

As a company director, I have been quite often asked about how I would treat my strengths and weaknesses. My answer to this question is simple. It’s normal to possess both strengths and weaknesses. To me, strengths and weaknesses go hand in hand. To achieve success, you need to be well aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. My greatest strength comes from the challenges that I had previously faced. Quoting the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” Weakness is a challenge and we must learn the art of treating both strength and weakness equally.

Try hard to work on your weakness and make every weakness you face a new strength that you will possess. Nothing in life comes easy. Your hard work, perseverance and the confidence to face your challenges will take you to greater heights. 

I would like to end with a note to every budding entrepreneur. Balance your work life and your personal life. Never let the two take too much of your time. Always make sure you look at failure just the way you look at success, cause someone once said: “Failure is the root to every success story”. Go out there, be fearless, and show your well-wishers and your competitors the great things you’re capable of achieving.

Mr. Jayaprakash N.B

With the end of another successful year, I am reminded of the failures and other challenges that I faced before venturing into the business. Aavana is a dream come true for me. As I look back, I am delighted about every successful endeavour that our company has made. Through dedication and punctuality, we were able to overcome every obstacle that came our way.

I aim to make Aavana well known globally as the best service providers and have branches in every corner of the world. I am keen on giving nothing but the best job opportunities for deserving candidates. We at Aavana, insist on following a company culture wherein every individual is treated with respect. 

Malcolm S. Forbes once said, “If you have a job without any aggravations, you don’t have a job.” Yes, it’s true that at a point every job gets stressful. But, how you deal with this stress says a lot about how much you love the job you do. My one advice to the younger generation on risk-taking is, never be afraid of taking risks, risk-taking is a part of one’s growth. The risks you take will redefine you as a person in your future. It will surely lead to greater growth opportunities. 

As a director, I have dealt with both failures and successes. While facing a situation of failure, confidence in oneself is what that matters. While in a successful situation, one must keep in mind not to celebrate too much of the success but, move on to achieve greater successes in life. Take the good from every experience and it will definitely nurture you to make better decisions.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur reading this note, always remember a good leader needs to be capable of building an empire of leaders. Ensure to take good care of your team because your business is not going to be a successful one without the combined efforts of every member of your team. Have confidence in yourself and your team. Your confidence will take your business to a whole new level.

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