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Service Agreement – Service Provider and Customer

A service level agreement or an SLA is an agreement that is made between the service provider and the client. This agreement defines the level of service that is expected by the client by the service provider. SLAs are usually made between companies and external suppliers. It can also be made between two departments in a company.

Details that need to be included in a service level agreement

  • An overview of the agreement

The agreement overview includes details about the individual covered under the agreement, the effective and expiry date and also the details that the agreement covers.

  • Stakeholders

This defines the parties that are involved in the agreement. For instance, an IT provider and an IT customer will be the stakeholders.

  • Service agreement

The most important part of a service agreement is the details of the responsibility of the service provider.

  1. Scope of service that looks at the definite services offered by the agreement.
  2. Customer requirement which also includes payments that we agreed upon by both the parties.
  3. Service provider requirements that cover details like response time incidents related to the service.
  4. Service assumptions that cover details about changes of service and the ways in which they are communicated to the stakeholders.
  • Goals and objectives

The purpose of the agreement is mentioned. An outline of the ability to maintain a mutual agreement is also mentioned.

  • Service management

An ability to cover both service requests and service availability is made under this section of the agreement. The agreement will have details regarding the availability of service and also the response time that will be taken for each request.

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