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Personal Experience on Pre and Post Incorporation of a Company

Get your company registration in 5 days, get it done in 7 days and so on can be possible only with proper co-ordination and communication.

As I have personally experienced the little nuances and glitches faced in the field of company registration process, would like to share my experience.

As everyone knows that to start off with we require the basic documents like PAN, Aadhaar, Driving license/ Voter ID/Passport, Bank account details and office address proof, utility bill.

But how this has to be submitted? Why all these details are required? I don’t have some of the mentioned documents? All these are the questions raised by customers.

All the identity proofs except the office documents need to be self attested. Again here self attested means that a print out or Xerox of the originals for each of the Director has to be taken separately and signatures have to be done in their respective documents.

Apart from signatures nothing else has to be written like for eg: This document is only for the purpose of registration, etc.

We need to understand that the incorporation is done through a government portal.

Next remember that your name is taken as per the PAN internal Database wherein the name on the card may differ from the database.

The address will be taken as per the bank statement as that is the only proof which states your current residential status.

Sometimes customers don’t have either of the Driving license, passport or voter ID. In such situations it’s best to apply for a passport which is the easiest way. It is one of the most important ID proof without which incorporation cannot be done.

Now comes the office documents requirement.

Here we require the rental agreement for a rented property and property paid tax receipt for the pertaining year for own property.

The important thing in this is that the documents should be in English and not any other language.

Major reasons for name rejection

  • There is a resembles with the name of some other company
  • The suffix or prefix given is common and not unique like India, Group, services, etc.
  • There is already a trademark to the given name

Reasons for resubmission of incorporation

There may be a mismatch in the object clause and the nature of business entered in RUN (name approval)

Due to improper documentation submission; be it PAN, Bank statement or office documents, etc.

Post Incorporation Possibilities (few of them)

Upon incorporation you will receive the Company PAN, TAN to your email ID. Sometimes it so happens that you may not have received the PAN card hard copy either due to your unavailability in the given address or some other reason.

In such cases this information cannot be tracked in MCA, so after a few months fresh PAN needs to be applied.

Sometimes there is a mismatch in address and, other details provided like the share paid up capital for example may be written as 1 lakh instead of 10 lakh. At such times, we can set things right by submitting certain forms.

At times the names may get rejected even after approval (in rare cases); we need to apply for fresh names.

So this article is written based on personal experience. Incorporation of a company especially Private Limited can be done in a few days only upon proper documentation received and co-operation.

To have a detailed understanding you can reach out to business consultants like Aavana Corporate Solutions and make your incorporation process easy and smooth.

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