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Increase Your Brand Value by Company Trademark

Trademark registration is very important for any business or brand in India. Any type of business entity who wants to secure their brand name and logo of the company must and should go for trademark registration.

How would you feel when someone has an identical company name or has copied your logo or a symbol which already exists? Don’t you think your creativity and hard work will go down the drains? In today’s fast-paced world misuse of brands have become the order of the day. Building a brand is simply not sufficient. To protect and secure it too is also very vital. To provide legal backing to one’s brand Trademark registration is utmost important.

Trademark registration has become an essential part of today’s highly competitive world. It builds a brand and a reputation of the products sold. Your brand is your most valuable asset and it should be protected at any means.

5 benefits of trademark registration:

  • Legal protection
  • Increases brand value
  • Builds trust and goodwill
  • Acts as brand identity
  • Protects from violation

“In general, a brand or a trademark is the most unique identifying element and the most valuable economic asset of any company. Brand owners have exclusive rights to use their brands in trade. They take various initiatives to streamline the trademark registration and application processes. Company owners require more awareness, especially among brand.

Owners also have the right to take legal action against anyone using their trademarks without their consent. This provides strategic brand security which is vital in protecting the valuable and intangible asset. Such an approach will help in taking successful legal action against violation of a trademark.

In case of brand or trademark misuse, the owners can lodge complaints about any breach and can claim for the damages.

You might be under an impression that getting a trademark registration will be a cumbersome procedure. But however, with the help of the documents listed below will make your task even more simple and easy.

  • PAN card copy of the personal, company or firm name.
  • Address proof like Aadhaar copy, voter ID or a Passport.
  • Trademark authority letter.
  • Any registration certificate in case you have a company name.

Now you must have realized how important Trademark registration is. So here onwards make sure your creativity is not being misused by others.


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