Cyber Threats basics and it’s Importance.

Nowadays, frequently we keep on hearing about various cyber-security breaches and questioning about whether people’s protection against those threats will fit or not.

What is a Cyber Threat?

A cyber threat is a spiteful act that damages data, steals the stored data, or disrupts the digital life. They include viruses, data breaches, DOSattcaks, and other attacks.

Cyber Security Management

Everything that an organization tries to protect like the information about the operations or the overall data which belongs to the company from the attacks, intrusion, malware, and various data breaches.

 Roles and Responsibility of CFO

A company’s de facto risk officer is a person who must have to analyze the cyber threats and should come up with the cybersecurity plans to protect the company’s information.

During these pandemic days, everyone is working from home and cyber threats have multiplied largely. So, the CFO should take action and ensure to plan for strategies in the place to mitigate against risk that arises from the attacks. CFO must need to pinpoint exactly where risk arises and how such attacks impact the company plan.

The cases of coronavirus are increasing from every corner of India so that India is emerging as a top country in COVID 19 cases and also India is the biggest target for cyber attacks after the USA and China. As most of them working remotely, India became more digitized and the threats will imperil not only results in commercial losses but also creates a lot of legal issues. The CFO of the company should plan collaboratively in advance to fight those breaches.

Importance of Cyber Security

  • Cybersecurity is necessary because the government, corporates, medical, military, and all other organizations store their unprecedented data in computers on the clouds.
  • The stored data can be sensitive or maybe it can be an intellectual property, or financial data or any personal information.
  • Sometimes even the unauthorized data will be stored on the clouds.
  • To ease the business operations the company will transfer the data across the networks.

Cybersecurity describes its intention to protect the information. The volume and cyberattacks start growing because of the pandemic situation. Companies need to safeguard their information that are very sensitive and highly required undisclosed data, may be some financial figures and such. More than 21 million people use the internet every day, most of the people are moving digitally. In such cases, hackers find it easy to attack any devices or use the data for illegal activities and harm the confidential informations.

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