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Contract for Consultancy Services with a Company

This type of agreement comes in handy when the company appoints an external consultant who is knowledgeable in a particular field. During cases like these it’s always better to hire someone on contract basis. This agreement is made between the company and the consultant


Consultancy agreement

This agreement benefits the company and the consultant. It’s provides an outline of information regarding the tasks that need to be performed. This agreement prevents misunderstandings that may occur between the consultant and company.

Specialised knowledge

A consultant has the ability to provide innovative solutions to problems. They have in depth knowledge in their domain.

Saving cost of the company
As an employer you are entitled to provide certain added benefits to your employee. For outside employees this is not required.

Flexibility of work

The work schedules are very flexible for a consultant and there are no long term commitments that the consultant has to make to the company once the contract expires.

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