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All about an appointment letter

An appointment letter is given by the company to a person who is officially appointed to the company. This letter is usually given to the employee after he or she accepts the offer given by the employer. The appointment letter contains information regarding the position offered by the employer, salary and benefits, company policies and other information that has to be given by the employer.

When does an employer provide an appointment letter?

An appointment letter is usually given to an employee by the HR manager or the company manager. This letter is usually a formal letter that contains details that were not given in the offer letter during the time of employment. This makes the employee understand the roles and responsibilities that need to be carried out daily.

Appointment letters are given to an employee on the day of joining. This date of joining needs to be mentioned on the letterhead. One copy of the signed letter by the employee is retained by the employer; however, the other copy is given to the employee.

How to create an appointment letter?

Appointment letters are printed with the name of the employer on the letterhead and duly signed by the management or the HR manager hiring the candidates. The candidate needs to sign a copy of the appointment letter indicating the acceptance of employment and the policies of the company. After signing the appointed letter the candidate becomes an official member of the organization.

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