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Advise / Respond to Tax Notice

If you have been served an Income Tax notice, don’t get perturbed. Gearing up of technology and processes like Know your customer and E Filing have made it simple for the Income Tax department to identify those individuals not disclosing their income, defective filing or not revealing the transactions, etc. Hence no one can get away or evade taxes which needs to be paid by them. When you receive the notice have patience and understand the specifications in the notice on ask expert tax consultants for a solution.

Why is an Income tax notice sent?

Income tax notice is sent only when they are sceptical on certain things which are not fulfilled like:

  • Name or PAN details or other personal information are incorrect
  • Delay in the filing of returns
  • When the TDS mentioned in form 16 is different from the original tax credit mentioned in form 26AS
  • Improper disclosure of income gained from various sources like stocks, bonds, interest on FDs or rental income
  • Non disclosure of wealth tax
  • When there is a transaction of high value made by an individual which is 2 lakh or more with or without furnishing PAN details. Read More

How to deal with income tax notice?

Tax payer must not panic when receive income tax notice. Steps to deal with income tax notice

  • Do not ignore a notice
  • Check basic details about notice such as section, reason/description
  • Record keep supporting documents such as income proofs, investments proofs, sale deeds
  • Preserve the notice for your records
  • Respond to notice in time

How to avoid income tax notice?

  • Tax payer can easily avoid income tax notices by complying with tax laws such as
  • Pay tax dues on time
  • File return on time
  • Disclose accurate information on income tax return


Upload the intimation received by you from Income Tax Department along with your contact details and email id.


Tax expert from our team review give a call within 24 hours. Based on the details will help in drafting income tax notice reply.


Our tax expert will advise you on further information and reply received from the tax department. What are the next steps to be taken.

How to deal with income tax notice?

  • Keep calm and understand what is written and what has to be done
  • Check whether your name PAN details, date of birth, etc. is correct
  • Decipher as to why the notice has been sent
  • Check for when the notice has been issued and why
  • Prepare the necessary documents to be sent
  • If the intensity of the notice is high then take professional help
  • Reply to the notice on time.
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