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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping being two different processes are the lifeline of any company. Bookkeeping is the documentation or a data of the financial transactions and accounting explains, analyses, segregates and summarizes the financial data. As bookkeeping and accounting are related to financial services, the management of a company cannot take any financial decision based upon the data provided by accounting.

Why the need for Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting when executed the proper way ensures the growth of business and minimizes risks. Accounting and bookkeeping services are crucial to a company because:

  • It gives an accurate and clear picture of the company’s financial structure
  • Helps in preparing a planned budget for the company
  • An understanding of the monthly, quarterly and yearly financial report
  • Systematizing cash flow and cash transactions
  • Preparing varied financial statements and records

Why you should outsource your accounting to AAVANA?

Are you a growing company and finding it cumbersome to manage your accounting and various financial scenarios? Yes, Aavana has solutions for this. With our experienced and effective financial consultants we offer effective financial management be it a start start up, a private limited, public limited or others.

We provide with accountants to manage your everyday financial affairs like bill payments, invoices, customer payments, withdrawals or any other transaction. Our services are not only limited to the boundaries of India, but also extended globally.

AAVANA Outsourced Accounting Services v/s In-housing Accounting

What makes Aaavana different in offering services ?

Financial Expertise

Ensure in offering every service be it setting up of accounts, preparing and execution of financial statements under the guidance of our financial wizards uncompromising on the quality and time frames.

Cost effective solutions

We offer our accounting and bookkeeping services package at affordable prices depending upon client requirements and size of the company.

Technology based services

To maximise the efficiency of services we have our in house software platform that encompasses all the accounting and financial related functions into a single convenient automated platform which can also save time.

Assured Data Security

Once the work is assigned to us be assured that the data and information is highly secured. We see to it that each and every transaction is protected effectively.

Outsourcing your accounting to AAVANA means lesser or no resources spent on:

Spectrum of Accounting and Bookkeeping services by Aavana:

  • Proper account set up
  • Financial Inspection
  • Balance sheet preparation and execution
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly financial statements
  • Bank settlements
  • Payroll processing
  • Company daily ledger management
  • Cash Transactions

Accounting and bookkeeping services overview

When to outsource bookkeeping and accounting services

  • When start-ups or small businesses need experienced accountants and bookkeepers at affordable costs
  • For temporary services at the end of the year to prepare financial reports
  • Where companies with more number of employees and requirement of day to day needs like compounding salaries, daily invoices, payments and more.

Gather Documents

We will gather your business documents to be recorded. These business documents include, but not limited, to the following:

invoices, receipts, payslips, bank statement, vouchers, payroll registers, billing statement, purchase orders etc..

We can gather your business documents by picking it up from your office physically or can be sent electronically via email.

Record Documents

After gathering your documents, sorting, filing, recording and reconciliations will be done.

We record all your submitted business documents up to the last centavos. We ensure that all important details are accounted for such as the name, date, amount, description and reference number.

Delivery of organized and Filed Documents

Accounting source documents must be kept for a period of 3 to 10 years for possible future reference in case of audit. As such, we file the gathered documents in an organize manner before we return it back to you for safekeeping. We deliver gathered and filed documents every end of the month.

Financial reporting

Most business owners are too busy or are not familiar with the usual financial reports. With this in mind, aside from the usual financial reports, we designed other reports that are presented in graphs, charts and other symbols in a way that are easy customize and easy to understand.

Another important feature of our service is that while we are performing our recording process, you can view your financial reports online anytime. You will have an access to our secure online application where you can view your financial reports and analytics using your computer, mobile or any device that has web browser and internet connection.

These financial reports are, but not limited to the following:

Trail balance
Comparative balance sheets(yearly)
Comparative income statements(monthly and yearly)
Monthly sales and expense trends
Comparative financial ratios( cash ratio, profitabipty ratio, leverage ratio etc )
Trend and movement of each individual expenses
Trend and movement of each individual type of assets, pabipties and equity
Trend and movement of each type of revenues
Budget vs expense analysis
Copy of filed government reports and more

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