Advise / Respond to Tax Notice

Got a notice from the income tax department on incorrect pan, your TDS is not reflected, or you are questioned on a high value transaction. Send responses to this and many other notices from I-T department with help from AAVANA expert CAs. We assess the notice and reply back online. We also help you in rectification as desired by the tax department. Choose from one of the below plans to get started:

How it will Work


Upload the intimation you/ve received from Income Tax Department


Tax expert from our team review & respond to you within 24 hours


Our tax expert will advise you on follow up steps & assist you with response

How to deal with income tax notice?
Tax payer must not panic when receive income tax notice. Steps to deal with income tax notice

  • Do not ignore a notice
  • Check basic details about notice such as section, reason/description
  • Record keep supporting documents such as income proofs, investments proofs, sale deeds
  • Preserve the notice for your records
  • Respond to notice in time

How to avoid income tax notice?

  • Tax payer can easily avoid income tax notices by complying with tax laws such as
  • Pay tax dues on time
  • File return on time
  • Disclose accurate information on income tax return