TDS Return Filing and Advisory Service

Tax Deducted at source as the name suggests collection of tax at the origin of the Income i.e. as and when income is earned. The income tax act requires that the person (deductor) who makes the payment to any other person (detectee) shall deduct at certain percentage tax while making the payment and remit the same into the account of central government on behalf of receiver of such payments.

Thus the recipient of income (deductee) receives the amount net of taxes. The recipient of income can claim credit of this TDS while filing his income tax return on the basis of FORM 26AS or TDS certificate. The TDS return is simply a statement giving quarterly summary of tax deducted along with PAN of payee (deductee), Payment details etc.

Every deduction shall file a quarterly return for Tax Deducted at Source in form as prescribe prescribed on or before due date.

Different forms prescribed for submitting quarterly returns vary based on purpose of payment. The various forms and their due date for submission are given below:

Particulars Quarter Due Date
TDS on Salaries(24Q) April-June July 31
TDS on all payments other than salaries(26Q) July-September October 31
TDS on payments to non residents(27Q) October-December January 31
January-March May 31
April-June July 15
TCS(27EQ) July-September October 15
October-December January 31
January-March May 31